About Degree Education

To maximize the social benefit and keep sustainable development are the fundamental purpose of DeTao Degree Education Programme. It is specializing in the congregation of the global industrial masters and the top-level educational resources, establish the superiorly constructive discipline in order to accumulate the worldwide university rankings steadily which throughout systematic curriculum content providing by Masters’ wisdom empowerment. Based on the syllabus requirements of Ministry of Education, the Degree Education Programme perfectly combined innovative Master’s leading education and Chinese higher education system, helping university to build first-class discipline for optimum path within multi-level degree which including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree.

Programme Pattern

Innovative education model leading by industrial masters

Target Partners

Universities whom aim to reform conventional education, build superior discipline and gain ranking amongst renowned universities worldwide!

Cooperation Principle

To select an experimental major (Associate/Bachelor/Master/PhD degrees) and personalize with globally industrial Masters Resources by following the developing requirement of partner university. To establish the completely set of professional content, educational system and detailed teaching assessment more scientific, endeavor to build first-rate discipline globally.


Cooperation Pattern

Industrial Master Lineup

The essence of this new education model is “Industrial Master Lineup”. That is, industrial masters make overall plans and lead the teaching based on years of teaching and industrial experience, with consideration of Chinese education system requirements.

The industrial master are responsible for an all-embracing content design and teaching quality control, specifically manifested in students and faculty selection, Course setting and course content, teaching methodology, hardware and software teaching support, students and faculty assessment and so forth, likewise coordinate the whole faulty through coordination mechanisms.


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