DeTao undergraduate program is a four-year (five years for special majors) degree program cooperated by DeTao and the universities. Under the system that the university takes responsibility of student recruitment and management, logistics, and degree, and DeTao offers core factors for innovative education and takes teaching for core professional courses. According to universities development goals, DeTao likes to match international top masters who will make talents cultivation plan with many years of experience in both education and industry under the principals issued by Ministry of Education of the people’s republic of China. The masters will teach, and besides that they will also look for a qualified teacher in global wide as the course coordinator and construct an international teaching team for core professional courses. In this way, the masters will be able to supervise the teaching progress and quality in time. DeTao offers oversea study and internship opportunities for students. After graduate, students will receive not only education and degree certificates from the university but also study certificate by DeTao masters.

Besides the established 10 major cooperated with SIVA, DeTao has developed another 30 majors in a variety of fields and been ready to cooperate with other universities.


  • To help the university to build domestic first-rate and international renowned discipline!
  • To help the university to realize international high level education rapidly!
  • To combine win-win advantages cultivate a new generation of practical and integrated leading elites!

Case Study

Driving the innovation of Chinese Tertiary Education through gathering global wisdom.
‘SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class’ is a four-year collaborative undergraduate program run by the union between DeTao and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. It is a proactive exploration and innovation on the International School-running Model and International Talents Training Mode. ‘SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class’ dedicates to inspiring the creative students’ potential to a maximum extent and helping them to reach the final success through advanced international art education. Under international talents cultivating principals, with international platform’s resources and model, all the curriculums designed to reach international first-class standard, and all class is taught by industrial masters and their team members.

‘SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class’ is a full-time four-year undergraduate education program. All students will be present with bachelor degree and diploma of SIVA when graduation, and the certification signed by the leading industry Masters.

‘SIVA•DeTao Advanced Class’ officially kicked off the recruitment from 2013, and the first two majors are Product Design ( Strategic Design and Innovation) and Creative Animation. The first batch of students joined the ‘Advanced Class in September 2013, and after one year’s experience, it has been highly appraised by the students, the students’ family and also the experts and scholars in the education circle home and abroad.

Based on the success of the first two ‘SIVA•DeTao Advanced Classes’, DeTao and SIVA continue to expand the cooperation mode in 2014, and further open eight other majors, which include Environment Design (Ecological Architecture Design), Performance (Spanish Classical Guitar), Cultural Industry Management (Brand Strategy and Management), Fashion & Apparel Design (Fashion·Knitwear·Sportswear Design), Art & Technology (Technoetic Arts), Visual Communication Design ( Branding, Identity& Public Space), Environment Design (Themed Environment Design) and also Product Design (Sustainable Furniture Design). 210 freshmen attended the ‘Advanced Class’ in September 2014, and 225 students will be recruited in 2015.

SIVA entered top 100 at the stage of 51 to 100 of 2015 QS World University Rankings (Art and Design). High score in Academic Reputation helps SIVA standout.


SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class

master1Product Design (Strategic Design and Innovation)
Master: Hartmut Esslinger


Art & Technology (Technoetic Arts)
Master: Roy Ascott


Environment Design(Themed Environment Design)
Master: Tina Hart、Kim Jarrett


Fashion & Apparel Design (Fashion·Knitwear·Sportswear Design)
Master: Patrick Gottelier、Jane Gottelier


Visual Communication Design (Branding, Identity and Public Space)
Master: Michel de Boer、Wang Min

Animation (Creative Animation)
Master: Robin King


Environment Design (Ecological Architecture Design)
Master: Haim Dotan


Performance (Spanish Classical Guitar)
Master: Josep Henriquez


Product Design (Sustainable Furniture Design)
Master: Dirk Wynants


Cultural Industry Management (Brand Strategy and Management)
Master: Florin Baeriswyl



By far DeTao has developed near 30 undergraduate majors covering architecture, animation, composition, musical, choreography, information technology, materials science, bio-science, engineering, environment science, agricultural enterprise management, integrated marketing, sinology, industrial/product design, visual communication design, brand design and environmental design, etc. Moreover, DeTao could also develop world top masters and courses at the demands of universities. DeTao will matches qualified recourses at home and abroad to finally help them to build international first-rate disciplines and improve their international ranking rapidly.

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