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Manufacturing Institute(CIDA-DeTao Innovation Institute)
CIDA-DeTao Innovation Institute (CDI), defined as the only professional industrial-entrepreneurship-oriented institute that professionally focuses on innovation-related wisdom, techniques and skills, is established to cultivate talent tank and develop innovation strategies to fuel the transformation and upgrading of China industries. With the core concept of “Global Configuration, Created in China, Market-Manufacture-Study-Research, and Industrial Transformation & Upgrading”, CDI contributes to gather design & manufacture industry elites, and experts both home and abroad to develop a new high-end and cross-border platform for innovation leadership.


Innovation Institute Academic Committee is comprised of Global renowned masters and experts:

    • Zhu Tao Chairman of China Industrial Design Association
    • Hartmut Esslinger He Founded “frog design” and expanded the company to the United States, building the business into the world’s most prominent and successful strategic design agency. Over the last 42 years, Hartmut has worked with some of the most prestigious global companies including Sony, Apple, Louis Vuitton, SAP and Lufthansa.
    • Liu Guanzhong International Industrial Design Master, Academic Leader and Theorist of China Industry Design. Professor and Doctorial Tutor of School of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University
Representative Course:CDI Chief Design Officer (CDO Program)


CDO Program Based on the global institutes configuration , the CDI-CDO program is targeted to domestic outstanding entrepreneurs and executives with the integration of the world’s professional courses as well as abundant industrial resources, including the high-end dialogues, the connection with international business, investment and financing, patent and project resources with the hope of forming a group of industrial leaders on the promotion of industrial development under China’s economic development of the new normal.

The whole CDO program lasts 18 months, stretching across three continents from Asia, to Europe and America. Participants will establish deep relation with nearly 10 top level academies and more than 20 enterprises. After the study, students will draw global wisdom and gain global resources, and be certificated on the completion of the study jointly by the four institutes and international universities. Moreover, participants will also be titled as “chief design officer” by CDI official and join the “Global Innovation Elite Club” after the confirmation of the committee of experts of CDO program.

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