Project introduction

The workshop is a kind of targeted short-term course which aims at providing enterprise leaders, elites and university teachers with advanced education which adapts to the demand of industry in different fields. It cooperates with strategic partners like universities, industry institutes and leading enterprises in their filed, and the forms can be seminar, forum, speech, etc.

Students would not only get the master’s tacit knowledge but also expand their contacts through the workshop. They can enjoy the master’s international network and business resources, and the course would help them to find out trade trends from a global perspective and to solve the problem in their business. Students can promote the development of their business and get inspiration and potential cooperation opportunities through communicating with and learning from each other.

Until now, DeTao industry institute has already planned and held over 100 industrial courses relating to architecture, music, dance, animation, agriculture, etc.

DeTao has a group of excellent masters from 20 industries and 60 fields. The workshop aims at providing a bridge between international master resources and domestic demands, hoping to form an industrial chain which would satisfy the need of every industry and promote their development.

Core values

  • Getting the master’s tacit knowledge, expand your view and find out industry trends
  • Approaching the master’s global network and business resources, and get the opportunity to undertake international programs.
  • Helping you to integrate industry resources, provide you with the platform for business transformation and enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness.
  • Expanding your contacts and getting the opportunity to work with elites from other fields.
  • Certification from the master, which would put you at a higher level of your field.

Targeted people

  • Enterprise leaders and elites of different fields
  • Professors and teachers from universities and colleges
  • Managers and researchers of industry institutes and academies


  • Please send your CV (both English and Chinese version) to the application email address
  • The master and our staff will check your CV, and you will get the feedback within three workdays

Case analysis

Course topic: Real-Time Performance Capture in Games and Movies
DeTao Computer Animation Master Wu Xiaomao

On Apr. 11, 2014, the workshop Real-Time Performance Capture in Games and Movies moderated by Professor Wu Xiaomao, DeTao Computer Animation Master, was held at the DeTao CCIC Building in Shanghai. A total of 30 game technology elites from China attended the event to discuss technological expertise with Professor Wu.

Throughout the two-day workshop, Professor Wu introduced students to the system and features of motion capture, facial capture and performance capture. Citing his years of experience at Crytek in Germany, the Professor was able to share with students his methods of improving real-time performance capture quality by using game engines, while explaining how to integrate game design and movie technology in the most efficient way. More than 30 elites in game technology attended this class. They asked numerous questions, presented their own works to the Professor and gained detailed feedback in all areas.

Course topic: Sustainable Agricultural Development
DeTao Master of Agricultural Economics and Policy David G. Abler

How to popularize new agriculture effectively? How to help people develop environmental friendly agriculture? How to achieve sustainable development of environment, economy and society in agriculture industry? It is a global trend to develop new agriculture and achieve the sustainable development of agriculture, which blueprints a beautiful future from a long-term perspective. In the actual development process, however, due to the national and regional difference and the hierarchy among people, there are numerous problems.

On June 17, 2015, DeTao Master of Agricultural Economics and Policy David G. Abler used case study to introduce the three dimensions of sustainability—environmental, economic, and social—and the strategic emphasis and major challenges to sustainable agriculture and its influence on people’s health and nutrition. Specialists, scholars and who are in charge of enterprises and institutions relating to agriculture attended this class and discussed the problem they met in the development of sustainable agricultural.

Course topic: Introduction to Creative Movie Development & Marketing
DeTao Master of Entertainment Industry Studies Jason E. Squire

The diversity of entertainment products and the changing preference of audience makes the movie market more and more challenging. How to avoid potential risks in this speculative industry is the most realistic question for investors worldwide.

The two-day course Introduction to Creative Movie Development & Marketing introduced students with keys to story structure and the importance of story in a movie. Professor Squire taught the students the commercial rules of Hollywood movies and their system of poster making. He also pointed out that word of mouth effect is the most effective, most economical and most important marketing tool.

Course topic: Choreography: The Creative Mind & the Moving Body
Detao Dance Master: Yin Mei

What motivates us to move? Where is the demarcation line between conscious intent and intuitive impulse, and how do we use it to reiterate/make dance? When we move within an environment, what is it we express with our body and what is we express with the space surrounding our body?

The crash course Choreography: The Creative Mind & the Moving Body by Professor Yin Mei, DeTao Master of Dance, concluded on Nov. 15, 2014. The two-day course featured a discussion between Professor Yin and her students on the topic of choreography and creative thinking. In order to use body language to speak and use dancing to tell sorties, she introduced ways of perceiving time, space, environment and strength via rhetoric, repetition and rhythm. The course introduces people a new way of approaching personal and societal cultures against the backdrop of post-modernism through the physical practice of choreography and dance movement.

Course topic: Modern Bamboo Architecture: Sustainable, Environmental Friendly and High-tech
DeTao Master of Green Building Design: Markus Heinsdorff

Course information: Green architecture is a defining trend within the 21st century’s architectural development. Would you like to re-energize architecture? Are you expecting it to distinguish itself from the bland, common brick? From May 23 to 25, 2014, Professor Markus Heinsdorff, DeTao Master of Green Building Design, held a workshop on Modern Bamboo Architecture: Sustainable, Environmental Friendly and High-tech at DeTao Masters Academy.

The workshop lasted for three days. Under the context of globalization, Professor Heinsdorff introduced a variety of techniques that integrated technology, sustainable development, environmental protection, and aesthetics with the focus on environmental friendly and high tech modern bamboo architecture. Professor Heinsdorff offered individual instructions and introduced the design of creative sketching. By making plans for materials and structures this was expected to facilitate future visualization work such as modeling, sketching, and computer-aided design.


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