Program Introduction—Features

DeTao O+O Learning is one of the educational business lines of DeTao Group. O+O means online plus onsite, an innovative combination of the teaching by online and onsite instructors. Against the backdrop of the rapid development of big data, O+O is a revolution of online learning based on global educational resources gathered by DeTao and multi-dimensional teaching materials. DeTao O+O is based on DeTaoX platform. Through the double-instructor system, it will bring world-class courses to universities in China, enhance communication and cooperation between universities around the world, and make the most of education resources.

Online + Onsite

iconDeTao O+O Course combines theoretical online learning and practical onsite training. Students will gain a deeper understanding of course content through self-study as well as onsite guidance by university teachers. The integration of individualized learning and interactive learning is one of the prominent features of DeTao O+O.

Double-tutor System

02.fwOn the one hand, the online courses are designed and produced by DeTao Masters and are provided to university teachers and students through cooperating with universities. On the other hand, DeTao Masters will collaborate closely with university teachers: while the masters provides necessary training to university teachers, university teachers will provide onsite guidance to students depending on the overall requirements of each course.

World Class & Global Resource

iconEvery course will be implemented in a union of local and overseas universities. Discussions between international experts and professors from Chinese universities will spark up ideas in certain field. Students can not only get access to world-class educational resources, but also can participate in interactions and competitions which will take place either on the platform or offline. Plus, content update facilitated by big data will provide strong support for O+O program.

Multi-platform Integration

iconApart from DeTaoX online learning platform, students can also learn through our WeChat account. Meanwhile, onsite instructors can conduct classroom teaching using the OTT Box-based platform. Therefore, O+O provides much convenience to learners by truly integrating multi platforms.

Interdisciplinary & Multi-level Learning

iconO+O emphasizes cross learning, the training of interdisciplinary talents and blended learning between different levels of learners.


Multi-platform Integration

  • DeTaoX online learning platform: students’ self-study & teachers’ online teaching management
  • WeChat learning platform: mobile-learning
  • OTT Box-based learning platform: classroom teaching

All-round Service

  • Onsite instructor manual: syllabus, assignments, projects
  • Onsite instructors’ training
  • Customized course: short-/medium-/long-term courses

Interdisciplinary & Multi-level Learning

  • cross learning
  • training of interdisciplinary talents
  • blended learning between different levels of learners

Successful Case

Innovative Design Theory and Method

Design is the most central activity that defines the engineering profession (Simon 1969) . To compete in today’s relentless market, an engineer must be able to identify market needs, generate creative product ideas that meet the needs, and develop innovative products that realize the ideas. During this process, systematic thinking and creativity play key roles for success. In this course, engineering design is treated in a holistic process of product development, starting from market analysis and product definition to conceptual design and product design. Developing systematic thinking and fostering creativity are the two general goals of this class.

Course Length:60 days

Start Date:May 1st, 2015

Course Pace:3 hours per week

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